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Bitumen is manufactured from crude oil. This bitumen can be retrieved as a residue of crude petroleum. It is a thermoplastic material and it is segregated into different grades depending on its stiffness on fluctuating temperature. The BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) distinguishes paving grade bitumen as per their viscosity.

Penetration grade bitumen is a type of bitumen that is manufactured at various viscosities. To understand the hardness/stiffness of bitumen penetration grade testing is performed. Penetration grade bitumen is mostly used bitumen in Paving Grade Bitumen for construction of roads, helipads, highways, runways and allied fields. It is also used to manufacture asphalt payments containing the finest properties.

Sanjivani Industries provides the following Bitumen Paving Grade

VG-10 Bitumen

This product is very often used as a spray application like surface dressing, also used in road construction in fewer temperatures as an alternate to 80/100 bitumen grade.  A lot of bituminous products can be produced using VG-10 like Bitumen Emulsion.  

VG-30 Bitumen

Since the product is quite stiff and the viscosity is high, this product is used in the construction of road where heavy traffic can be anticipated. Heavy traffic load can be handled by this VG-30 paving grade bitumen. It can be used as a replacement of 60/70 penetration grade bitumen.

VG-40 Bitumen

This product has a very high viscosity rate which means it can produce very strong bitumen mixes. It is used in paving high traffic roads like toll booths, parking place for heavy vehicles or intersection point of any road. This product acts as a replacement to 30/40 penetration grade bitumen. 

Bitumen 10/20

This is a bitumen manufactured by refining crude oil in a non-destructive way. It is highly used in mastic asphalt road construction on bridge decks & busy junctions, repairs and hot mixed asphalt due to high viscosity and tougher bitumen mixes. 

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