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About Joint Sealant

With time there is an increase in the construction of concrete roads. These concrete roads have gaps between slabs to reduce friction. These gaps need to be filled to avoid seepage of water and increasing the durability of concrete roads. This bitumen product is an intrinsic fragment of maintaining any pavement program from preventing it to deteriorate due to water seepage. An efficacious joint seal or crack seal can help in the protection of the cracked pavement until the road is completely repaired. The core purpose of using this product is to avoid drainage of water or any other non-compressible substance with the grooves.

 The interesting properties of joint sealant are that it is user-friendly and can be applied without any difficulty. It does not require a hot kettle or special machine to fill the groves nor does it give any burns. It is unaffected by temperature variations like loss of resilience with respect to extreme cold or melting and flows out of groves due to rising temperature. The sealer gets accustomed as per the expansion and contraction of the concrete slab. The product gives support to the concrete slab during heavy traffic.

 We are amongst the very few manufacturers and suppliers of Joint sealing/ sealant. This product is made by our premium grade machines and latest technology. Our highly skilled professionals maintain keen precision and keeping all parameters pertaining to the product in a loop for best results.

Joint Sealing Products

Bitumen Impregnated SoftBoard

The product is made by processing wood or cane fiber which is compressed together by impregnating different percentage of bitumen and improving the resilience of the sheet used for joint filling.   

Bitumen Sealing Compound

This product is known for long life span, the compositional accuracy, the ability to withstand oil and little susceptibility of leakage in extreme temperatures. Bitumen Sealing Compound is processed with the latest technology and high-performance machinery. 

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