Bituminous Paints & Waterproofing

Bituminous Paints

Coal tar or bitumen (a black, semi solid and or very thick concentration of liquid form of petroleum) is mixed with a product called naphtha to produce bituminous paint. It is a form or bituminous coating product. This coating is waterproof it protects the surface from spoiling due to vapour and water. It also has anti-corrosive properties that protects the elements from corrosion. This paint has properties helps develops as a protective coat helping the surface in all-weather condition. This solution is flexible and durable that it can be utilised below as well as above the earth’s surface. This paint does not have any odour and is taint-free.

Since the product does not require any further thinning the application is easy and can be done by both brush and spray. This paint can be applied at multiple places like concrete surface, wood, iron & steel material, metal protection, fabrication, aluminium, stone, etc.


In times of globalization more and more people are relocating to urban lands and building their own houses. With the falling standards of house material, seepage has become a major issue for households. Since, bitumen is a highly viscous and thick liquid it restricts the water to pass through itself. Waterproofing bitumen if applied on rooftops of such houses would stop seepage and protect the houses from leakage. We provide the following grades of waterproofing bitumen.

Our Products

Bitumen Felt Rolls

This is in a form of a sheet. Felt roll is made by minute pieces of glass fibre and polyester fleece which is then mixed with tar. This used on roof sealing.  

Bitumen 90/15

It is typically used as paving, Portland cement pavement, anti-corrosive paint on metals, pipe coating and many more things.

Bitumen 85/25

It is pure petroleum bitumen which is in semi solid oxidised form. This is used in road construction, crack seal, civil work, roofing, etc.

Bitumen 115/15

It is made by blowing bitumen 60/70 by very hot air. It is used in insulation, bitumen membrane sheet, roofing, coating, etc.

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